Te Reval Pyramid Tea Bags


Te Reval

Award-winning All Natural Teas and Tisanes, created by nature, crafted to perfection.

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Our award-winning teas & tisanes


Heron Fine Foods are proud to be the UK Importer of  award winning teas and tisanes from Te’ Reval. Te Reval prides itself on 100% natural ingredients with nothing artificial added. Our teas are hand-picked to select young, tender shoots. Elevation, soil, wind, rain and sunshine nurture the character of each ‘single region’ variety. Te Reval teas hail from specific areas of Ceylon or China and are produced in the traditional, time-honoured method. All of our black and green whole leaf teas are of single origin and can be traced back to a particular region. Within days of harvesting we pack in Sri Lanka, where our Ceylon teas grow, to retain flavour and goodness. We will not allow tea to lose its freshness quickly and become flat and dull. Te Reval award-winning blends are a combination of real flowers, spices, herbs and essential oils. Our teas are packed into biodegradable pyramid silken bags. The whole leaves release their unique taste and aroma when infused. Loose leaf enthusiasts are always catered for, too, with our comprehensive selection. Te Reval is committed to the sustainability of our industry and providing local employment. Specialist teas and tisanes are produced with a natural approach – and a fresh outlook in creating the perfect product.

You can order Te’ Reval teas direct to your door from the Heron Fine Foods online shop.